All the ancient healing arts practiced at Heartwood support your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Our approach is holistic, meaning we consider your whole being as we support you to regain your natural centre. Every part of you is important and welcome. This includes your body, mind, emotions and spirit, your environment and relationships, your past history and your dreams for the future. Best of all, you can start right where you are right now.

Each session starts with a conversation which will determine what work we will do together. Plan to create some quiet time for yourself after treatment so you can find some inner space to relax and integrate whatever changes or insights you may have experienced. You may also spend a moment in gratitude that you took time in the midst of your busy life to nourish and care for yourself.

Contact us for more information about staying in the Heartwood Guest House,
a sweet, little get-away ideal for deep rest, peaceful self-inquiry and ongoing supportive, therapeutic treatments at Heartwood Healing Arts.


Renew yourself! Savour an in-depth exploration and treatment of your issues designed to bring balance to your body-mind-spirit through the gentle, yet penetrating art of acupressure.

You won’t believe it until you try it! With a custom aromatherapy blend and window of the sky acupressure points, stress and tension melt away to reveal a more revitalized and rested you.

Warning: you may find yourself looking – and feeling – ten years younger.

Herbal Essence Dropper


Delight your senses. Nourish your body. Soothe your spirit. This therapeutic, light and rhythmic full body massage with a customized essential oil blend is all you need to float into deep, restorative relaxation.


Used in personal body and beauty care, green home products, sprays, potions, steams, compresses, natural remedies – essential oils and botanicals are nature’s pharmacy. Ask for a custom blend for whatever ails you.


One to one yoga allows you to focus deeply on your own yoga practice. Whether you wish to learn new skills and practices, explore postures and breath work, address new or chronic conditions, or customize a daily practice, this session will revitalize your life on the mat.

yogamatSMALL GROUP YOGA (up to 4 participants in studio)

Join your friends in a yoga class designed just for you regardless of your varying levels of experience. Set an intention for your practice. Show up on your mats. Enjoy a guided trip through your bodies, minds and spirits.

Start treating your body like your best friend. Get curious. Get courageous. Get to know your body by exploring  those aches and pains you would rather ignore in the hope that they go away. With a little time and attention, you can reawaken your body-mind connection and start moving with easy grace through your world. Body Mapping requires an ongoing commitment over time in a series of sessions.


Tarot cards and runes are powerful tools to help us access our inner guidance and wisdom. Explore your personal landscape, clarify your thoughts and feelings, and chart a path that will support the secret dreams of your heart to blossom.



Using yoga, aromatherapy, acupressure and self-massage, learn to support yourself while managing any acute or chronic condition with customized self-care routines that are easy to incorporate into your daily life. This 90 minute session includes consultation, a guided self-care routine, and written instructions to help you remember what to do.


30 minutes…….$45
45 minutes…….$70
60 minutes…….$90
90 minutes…….$135

Cash, cheque or Paypal only, payable upon receipt of service.