On the Mat

All movement is asana. All breathing is pranayama. All perception is meditation.

~Richard Rosen~


Yoga: Consider this an invitation to the mat. Breathe. Stretch. Relax. Find a fulfilling yoga practice that works for your body and mind. Improve mobility and circulation. Relieve joint pain and stress. Take a vacation from your busy, busy brain. The emphasis is on finding your own personal yoga practice and the spirit is one of gentle, non-judgemental inquiry as we bring body and mind together through our explorations. Bodies of all shapes, sizes and abilities are welcome on the mat.  Equipment is provided but bring your own if you wish. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Think yoga isn’t for you? Think again. What keeps you off the mat? Do  you feel your body is too curvy, too old, too achey and stiff, or too delicate from managing an illness? Join me in a comfortable private or small group yoga practice designed to explore the perfection of your body just as it is.

Meditation:  Meditation isn’t something we do, it’s something that already exists within us. Learn the basic techniques of meditation so you can find your own daily practice. Cultivate an active, receptive state so you can feel relaxed and alert. Explore different meditation techniques so you can find the right one for you. Recognize and address different meditation distractions. Uncover your natural breath. Expand your capacity for breath with pranayama or breath enhancement. Start mapping your energetic anatomy and discover the inner universe.

Body Mapping: Do you know your body? Sure, you’re with it every day, but if it feels more like a nodding acquaintance than a beloved friend, perhaps it deserves more of your care and attention. If you start with the belief that body never lies and is always trying to help you, how would things change? Where and how we place our conscious attention can radically alter our relationship with what is happening in our bodies. Body mapping draws techniques and exercises from many disciplines, allowing you to explore the unique terrain of your body and reawaken the body-mind connection. Body can also serve as a reliable gateway to other, more ephemeral aspects of your being. Access to emotions and thoughts that may otherwise stay hidden can also increase our understanding, and consequently ease the way we move through this world.


Book a one-to-one mat session or share time on the mat with a friend.