Healing Arts


What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is an ancient healing art which uses gentle but firm finger pressure on key points on the body to stimulate its self-healing abilities. It works by restoring and balancing the subtle energy called chi that governs all the functions in our bodies, including physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of our beings. Over thousands of years practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine have developed a very detailed and specific map of the chi pathways or meridians, as well as a complex set of theories that describe its quality and activities. Acupressure allows us to work with whatever shows up, however it shows up.

When chi is not flowing well we experience this as aches, pains, tension, emotional distress, mental confusion and other disruptions in the natural functions of our bodies and our lives. If left in a state of imbalance, chronic tension and related conditions can develop.When the chi flow is restored to balance, the body’s natural ability to heal itself is activated and these signs of disruption ease or disappear.

Acupressure is performed through clothing. Recipients are made comfortable on a table or massage chair and have a chance to just let go. Generally, people enjoy deep relaxation and rejuvenation as a result of acupressure treatment, often experiencing a renewed sense of balance in mind, body and spirit. This sense of “coming home to yourself” allows you to embrace your life with clarity and joy.

 What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy, another respected healing tradition, has a lineage as old as humanity. It uses plant essences to support physical, psychological and spiritual health. Pure essential oils are the aromatic components that have been extracted in a natural process, usually steam distillation, from the bark, berries, flowers, leaves, peel, resins, roots, seeds and wood of living plant sources.

Essential oils can be applied and used in a variety of ways. One of the most effective and pleasurable methods is through a light and rhythmic aromatic massage. Essential oils are selected and blended just for you, creating a powerful positive effect on your health and well-being. The massage is designed to activate both the lymphatic system, which cleanses and detoxifies the body, and the parasympathetic nervous system, which prompts a deep state of relaxation.

Not only are essential oils delightful to use, their therapeutic effects are well suited to dealing with the stress of modern living. They are easy to incorporate into your daily life and can provide an effective remedy for countless ailments. Custom aromatherapy blends are created with one or more pure essential oils chosen for their unique healing properties as well as their aroma, in order to meet your specific needs.

 What is Yoga?

Yoga is a complete science of life that originated in India thousands of years ago. It is an ancient system of personal development, encompassing body, mind and spirit, that emphasizes harmonizing our relationship with ourselves, each other, and our world. Its methods combine all the movements you need for physical health with breathing and meditation techniques that foster peace of mind. As a living tradition, yoga continues to reflect the passions and pursuits of the people who practice it.

The style of Yoga as it is practiced at Heartwood, is based on curiosity and compassion. Borrowing liberally from all traditions, the focus is on exploring inner frontiers, emphasizing self-discovery through yoga on and off the mat. Physically, the approach is gentle, combining ease with effort, ever mindful of safety, careful alignment, and loving support of the body. The benefits of Yoga are well-documented, and developing a personal practice can be transformative for all levels of your being.

chiWhat is Body Mapping?

Have you ever felt like a stranger in a strange land in your own body? We are such a complex network of functions, experiences, forces, and structures that it is easy to lose our natural way of being. As we age, we start to move our bodies differently, working around aches and pains, developing clever compensations that allow us to continue with our daily tasks of life. We expect this, and attribute the reduction in movement and vitality as a natural consequence of growing older. Our attitudes and habitual responses to life become entrenched. We become less resilient, less interested, less able to move with ease. But what if this is just a kind of amnesia we have developed as an antidote to the painful beauty of being alive?

From Western anatomical models to Eastern esoteric traditions, there are many useful ways to understand our experiences in this world and how we move through it. Drawing techniques, exercises and functional maps from a variety of disciplines, body mapping gives us the opportunity to explore our inner landscapes. With the body as a reliable entry point, curiosity and compassion can illuminate and alleviate even the most puzzling physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions.


 What is Divination?

Divination has been practiced in myriad forms throughout human history. Divination relies on formal, systemized methods to organize seemingly disjointed, random facets of existence so that they provide insight into the situation at hand. It is not to be confused with fortune telling and prophecy. Rather, it is based on two very natural human inclinations – the drive to categorize and assign meaning to apparently unconnected factors and the desire to be able to see around corners.

crystalballDivination, as it is practiced at Heartwood, makes the assumption that you already know everything you need to about your situation. It offers the opportunity to still the problem-solving mind and access hidden layers of knowing that rely on intuition and the language of dreams, poetry and imagination. Using formalized systems of investigation, it creates a framework through which you can organize your insights and impressions and translate them into action. We enjoy using the Motherpeace Tarot deck and the Viking Runes, but other methods are available.